Client List

Yogi Berra Estee Lauder NFL
London Times Lincoln Mercury Val Kilmer
Molly Ringwald Amica Mag. Bacardi
NBA Espy Awards Spanish Vogue
Elle Mag US Navy "W" Mag
CBS Rosie O'Donell Mary McFadden McDonalds
YoYoMa IBM Versace
Carters Mens Fitness Mag. JVC
Virgin Airlines Franklin Mint Texaco
Radio City Music Hall CBS Sports Saks
Island Records GQ Mag Kraft
Arista Records Pfizer Westvaco
Sheryl Crow Old Navy Stores Russian Vogue
The New Yorker Sears Mademoiselle Mag
Neiman Marcus Detour Mag. Milkbone
Boyztown HBO Abercrombie & Fitch
Howard Stern Random House Golf Digest
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