Charles Broderson, a N.Y. artist has been painting backdrops since 1974. Educated in both commercial and fine art, Charles had a short stint as a model with the prestigious Wilhelmina Model Agency. It was while networking the photo/advertising community that Charles discovered his market. Creative photographers and art directors were hungry for an exciting alternative to seamless paper.

The concept worked beautifully for the first few visionaries open to this new, though classical imagery. With a backdrop they were able to create in their studio, atmosphere limited only by the imagination. Charles could paint a scene of any place around the world, or out of it.

It was simply a matter of time before the larger commercial world discovered the sense and security provided by backdrops, both scenic and textured design. No setbacks due to inclement weather, location, restricted budgets, or simply what creative direction to take. For Charles, it has always been a pleasure to collaborate with fellow artists on challenging assignments.This is evident when viewing the City Scape series (drop #'s 1037 - 1044) commissioned by Bonwitt Teller (1980), and the 'La Belle Epoque' series of Rose Gardens, and Newport Sea Scapes (drop #'s 1075 - 1080) commissioned by the legendary Grande'Dame of fashion Diana Vreeland for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute (1982).

While working on the 'Chariots of Fire' campaign for Bloomingdales, Charles re-discovered a new genre. Experiencing both mastery and pleasure in this technique, he put the `textured' backdrop on the map.

Both a far sighted artist and innovator, Charles has an uncanny sense for creating new trends that are compatable with the everchanging demands of the world of fashion and advertising. For those of you discovering Broderson Backdrops for the first time, welcome. And to our many faithful clients, thank you for your support and appreciation.

Brief History: A native New Yorker, Charles attended the H.S. of Art & Design / NYC and The School of Visual Arts/ NYC. Scholarships to Europe, followed by extensive travel throughout Asia was great inspiration for some scenic panoramas.

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